WOX bookmark specification

Bookmark capacity
  • Category: Up to 100
  • Bookmark: Unlimited
About display
  • Number of categories displayed on one page: can be set from 1 to 12
  • The number of bookmark display in each category: It can be set to 1 to 99 cases
  • Category layout: Can be set to 1 to 4 columns
  • Layout options: Can be set to banner display format
My template Save up to 20 items
Bookmark URL Subdomain method:https://Bookmark ID.bookmark.wox.cc
The bookmark ID can be arbitrarily named by the user at the time of registration. Changes after registration are impossible.
Original domain Correspondence (Premium users only)
Bookmark disclosure setting "Display on the link collection" "Participate in social bookmark" can be individually specified for each bookmark.
Various affiliate use Yes (Premium users only)
Commercial use Yes
Adult content Yes (content contrary to Japanese law is not allowed)
Advertisement display
  • Premium users will not be shown.
  • Free users display when there is no bookmark registration for 10 days.
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