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Easy creation of link collection

You do not need any special knowledge or troublesome operation, your bookmark page (link collection) is completed simply by performing simple operation from the management screen. Bookmark registration is unlimited. In addition, since bookmarks registered can be categorized for each genre, management is also easy.
Of course you can customize easily. All customizations such as changing the color of the text and changing the image can be done from the web, all operations are completed by clicking, dragging and dropping with the mouse etc.

You can specify the content publishing level finely

You can limit the password to the content, or restrict only the WOX Friend. You can also set whether to show on 1 page in bookmark units or not.
  1. Entire Internet (anyone can access it)
  2. WOX user as a whole (Only users registered in WOX will be able to access)
  3. WOX Friend only (Only WOX Friends will be able to access)
  4. Password restriction (Only people who know the password can access it)
  5. Temporary pause (content will be private)
In addition, since you can apply as many bookmarks as you can for one person, you can also use it separately from the things that can be opened to the whole and private ones.

Also supports banner display

In addition to normal text link display, bookmarks to be published can be displayed with a site banner.

Layout can be switched with one touch

The display layout of the category can also be easily switched from "1 row, 2 column, 3 column, 4 column".

500 yen per month with no ads

If you upgrade to a premium user, you can use all the functions that were restricted in the free version, such as hiding ads and handling to your own domain. (Please see "WOX bookmark specification" for the difference between the premium version and the free version.)
In addition, once you register as a premium user, you can use any number of services provided by WOX. If you subscribe to a course of 500 yen per month, even if you use two bookmarks, the monthly fee is 500 yen. Of course, even if you use a service other than bookmarks, the monthly fee will not change so it is even more advantageous to use multiple WOX services.

Even free users will not see ads as much as possible

The advertisement displayed on the bookmark page is displayed for the first time if there is no update for 10 days. Therefore, if you are updating frequently, you can use it as a bookmark page without advertisement display.
For premium users, ads will not be displayed even if there is no update.
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